Flatbed & Heavy Haul Transportation

When you need to move an oversize or overweight load, you need a specialized trucking service to make sure your freight is delivered with no problems. Our trucking services are here to make sure your heavy haul freight or oversize loads get to their destination on time with no hassles.

Flatbed or Step Deck Shipping

Generally speaking, flatbeds and step decks are used when the commodities being shipped can be loaded or unloaded from the rear of the trailer or if the freight can only be loaded or unloaded from the side. Examples of items that use flatbed and step decks would include tractors, lumber and other larger equipment pieces.

Notably, we can ship both full truckloads and partial truckloads via flatbeds, and flatbeds generally handle freight that is up to 8.5′ tall, 8.5′ wide and 48′ or 53′ long.

In regards to step decks, they can usually handle freight that is taller, often up to 11.5′. Flatbeds and step deck carriers are usually equipped with straps, bands, chains tarps and more to ensure save movement of the freight.

What You Need to Know About Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy freight requires a lot of careful handling and consideration. Some of those considerations can become a logistical nightmare if you’re not familiar with them.

Knowing When Freight is Oversize or Overweight

Both state and federal regulations have specific criteria that spell out what constitutes an oversized load or overweight load. Those same regulations state how much weight can go onto a vehicle depending on the type of axle and how much room (over width or over height) beyond the norms is permitted. Improper shipping can come with legal ramifications.

Knowing What Permits You Need

Specialized (over weight and oversized) transport can require several permits and documents. The permit requirements can vary depending on a whole range of factors. Some of those factors can include the hours of operation for the truck, the length of the trip, and the specific states the truck will pass through, amongst other things.

Other Specialized (Heavy Hauling/Oversized) Considerations

Sometimes specialized trucks/trailers are  only allowed on specific roads, and sometimes even at specific times of day. Depending on the freight, the load may also need certain banners, flags, and even escort vehicles.

When you need specialized hauling services, contact the professionals who know the rules and have the right equipment for the job. For moving heavy loads and oversize/over dimensional shipments, contact us and ask about our specialized trucking services.